Stand-Up Showcase at The Comedy Studio (Saturday, 8pm)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

8:00 pm at The Comedy Studio

Hosted by Ken Reid

John Baglio

Young and agile, John Baglio has appeared at comedy clubs, colleges, casinos, and festivals throughout the country. He's a really swell guy once you get to know and love him.

Spark Tabor

Spark Tabor is a comedian who combines current events, pop culture and his past experiences to both delight and enlighten audiences around the country.

Delanie Fischer

From majoring in Religious Studies in college to pursuing a comedy career, Delanie Fischer has been disappointing her parents since 2008.

Nikki Black

Nikki Black tackles her breast cancer diagnosis with a healthy dose of dark comedy.

Julia Lundy

Having a background in physics, Julia Lundy will map your laughter and tension as complementary variables of the uncertainty principal. Or she'll tell a dick joke.

Rachel Fogletto

Sex-positive stand-up comedy. Perhaps including the comedic exploration of what it means to be "sex-positive."

Matty Litwack

Matty Litwack is a young DC comedian with an intelligent and silly brand of comedy. Matty used to be a physicist but doesn't do that anymore, because it was boring.

Ken Reid

Ken's unique and very personal story telling style has gained him a loyal fan base in the area.

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