Stand-Up Showcase at The Comedy Studio (Sunday, 8pm)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

8:00 pm at The Comedy Studio

Hosted by Dana Cairns

dana cairns

Dana is just another random idiot that lives in Boston.

Noelle Gray

Facing terminal breast cancer, Noelle explores the difficult topics of fashion, people who pray, and "teachable moments".

Caitlin Durante

Caitlin is a Boston-based writer and comedian. She will cut you with her razor sharp wit, but it’s okay, because she’ll leave you in stitches. Medical puns!

Tim Messenger

Denver stand-up comedian Tim Messenger performs his brand of absurd, silly, but biting stand-up comedy…come see!

Jodee Champion

She appeared on the nationally televised stand-up comedy showcase "NickMom Night Out", Champion is a Colorado native, she is a regular at the Denver Improv and Comedy Works.

Julie Bane

Julie draws her humor from every day life; marrying her high school sweetheart, being a Participation Medal, volunteering, and the crazy situations she finds herself in.

Dave Rattigan

As an old dad with a young daughter, longtime Boston comedian Dave Rattigan has gained new perspective at the cost of sleep, patience and logical thought.

Jiayong Li

Jiayong's surreal sense of humor synthesized with a unique Eastern perspective has made him a local favorite. He is the January 2014 Comic in Residence at The Comedy Studio.

John Baglio

Young and agile, John Baglio has appeared at comedy clubs, colleges, casinos, and festivals throughout the country. He's a really swell guy once you get to know and love him.

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