Stand-Up Showcase at The Comedy Studio (Thursday, 8pm)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

8:00 pm at The Comedy Studio

Hosted by Lillian DeVane

Lillian DeVane


John Baglio

Young and agile, John Baglio has appeared at comedy clubs, colleges, casinos, and festivals throughout the country. He's a really swell guy once you get to know and love him.

Geoff Ross

Geoff Ross makes light of spoiler alerts and the superiority of cupcakes to all other baked goods.

Jennie Sutton

Jennie Sutton is a New York comedian who writes for The Late Show with David Letterman. She's also appeared on The Wendy Williams Show and in her great aunt's retirement home.

Laura Crawford

Performer in The Boston Comedy Festival and SLC Comedy Carnivale. Her comedy/game show Nerd Fight has been staged at Nerdmelt Showroom, iO West, and Comedy Central Stage.

Kat Radley

Kat recently performed at The Laughing Skull Festival and was the Friars Club Audience Award Winner at WICF in 2011. She currently tours clubs and colleges in the US and UK.

Christine An

Christine An, a thoughtful and sensitive and Korean young person, tells jokes about the human condition. Unintentional irony, punchy one-liners, poignancy, and lists abound.

Siobhan Beasley

Siobhan Beasley is a NYC comedian. Prior to comedy, Siobhan prosecuted war crimes at the UN as an international human rights lawyer, where she earned the nickname "Bubbles."

Kelly Anneken

Kelly Anneken tells funny jokes in front of laughing people.

Abby Feldman

Abby lives in NYC where she performs stand up, improv & sketch comedy. She stars in the comedic advice series "Love, Abby" on Youtube. She speaks Spanish & has a Fulbright.

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