Diversity Stand-Up Showcase Starring Erin Jackson at Laugh Boston (Thursday, 7:30pm)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

7:30 pm at Laugh Boston

Erin Jackson

Erin Jackson

Since first making a name for herself at colleges and east coast comedy clubs, Erin’s conversational style & relatable humor have helped to propel her onto the national stage.

Deb Farrar-Parkman

Touted by the Boston Globe as “one of the most consistently inventive performers” on the Boston comedy scene, Deb Farrar-Parkman is also an Emmy Award-winning producer.

Priya Prasad

Her style of comedy is witty, intelligent, thought-provoking, and rich with the cultural experience of an Urban East Indian American Woman.

Nour Hadidi

Nour Hadidi is a Stand-Up Comedian, List Maker and Lipsynching Enthusiast from Jordan (not Michael), and is currently based in Montreal.

Vernita Bostick

Vernita has performed at several clubs in NYC and she describes her "no holds barred" comedy much like she describes her personality; witty, honest, raw & often unedited.

Crista Jackson

Newer to comedy than an immigrant to a visa, Crista is a fresh face on the Los Angeles stand up comedy scene. Baring her angels and her demons, all topics are on the table!

Sam Johnson

Probably one of the funniest women wearing man pants that you will ever see!

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