Stand-Up Comedy at The Comedy Studio 8pm, 3/22/2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

8:00 pm at The Comedy Studio

Stand-Up Comedy

Hosted by: Erin Judge

Featuring: Jenny Zigrino, Chelsea Shorte, Veronica Elizabeth, Chris Doucette, Dana Cairns, Heather Snow, Jennifer Myszkowski, Langston Kerman

Erin Judge

Erin Judge is a comedian and writer living in New York. Her first comedy album, "So Many Choices," is available through Rooftop Comedy. Visit for more!

Jenny Zigrino

Jenny Zigrino is a tidal wave of weird, witty, and wonderful comedy.

Chelsea Shorte

Since taking the stage as a standup in early 2011, as a way to stave off the boredom of being a beautiful twenty-something, Chelsea has flourished in the DC comedy scene.

Veronica Elizabeth

Fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, gay New York-based comedian Veronica Elizabeth muses on life and love in the big city. As seen from the historic Stonewall Inn!

Chris Doucette

Chris Doucette is a stand-up comedian. He has written for Jane Lynch, he won a comedy festival in Chicago, and he performs for colleges all over the country. He's dangerous.

dana cairns

Dana speaks into a microphone sometimes to entertain people, but usually just to try to fill the empty void in her soul.

Heather Snow

Heather Snow hails from Denver, CO and uses humor about her life experiences to help you feel better about yours.

Jennifer Myszkowski

Jennifer Myszkowski is a stand-up comic who has been forcing laughter on the good people of the northeast region for more than 10 years.

Langston Kerman

Langston Kerman is a stand-up comedian, originally from Chicago. He is successful enough to write his own bios. He is very funny. He's not just saying that.

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