Summon the Devil and Connect with Friends


Elana Fishbein

Saturday, March 23, 2013
3:30 pm at Improv Asylum  Location Info / Directions


In this improv workshop participants will use the principles of "Rasaesthetics" to dig deep and access primal emotions in order to reinvigorate their scene work.

This workshop is all about connecting with one another, digging deep, and accessing primal emotions to bring rich characters to life and reinvigorate scene work. Using the core principles of "Rasaethetics," participants will be guided through exercises that will push them to take big emotional risks. Sources say it’ll be pretty “out there” and “experimental.” Basically, if witches did improv, this is what it would look like. Movement clothes required!

Elana earned her M.A. in Educational Theater from NYU and her B.A. in Drama from Vassar College. She has been improvising at the Magnet Theater since 2005 and is a proud member of Featherweight, Kiss Punch Poem, and the Magne