Writing the Solo Show


David Mogolov

Sunday, March 24, 2013
10:00 am at Improv Asylum  Location Info / Directions


How to get from "I have this idea for a one-person show" to "I have a complete one-person show people will actually enjoy!"

Most comedians, writers, and performers have an idea for a show they'd love to do if they had the stage to themselves, the pet project that never quite gets started. Often it's because other opportunities take priority, or other projects are easier to take from concept to execution. Sometimes it's fear of failure or just a lack of motivation. But what happens once you make the decision to go ahead and do it?

In "Writing the Solo Show," you'll get practical advice on getting started, challenging and improving your concept, and on avoiding typical pitfalls. The goal of the workshop is to give you a process and the confidence to get to work on your show. While we'll focus primarily on the process of creating the show, we'll also discuss strategies for getting useful feedback, getting your show up onstage, and responding t